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1 car garage

The one car garage house cannot accommodate my van.

Very small garage that could hardly fit a small car.

Bedroom in basement

My bedroom in the basement gives a little light as possible from the windows.

Basement with a post stamp size window.

Cape Cod

The cape cod style of that house is not worth the asking price.

A house designed to look very humble. Like those houses in the slums.

Country in the city

This country is a city house I just purchased has a very rocky garden.

A small old house on a large unkempt large lot that is exaggeratedly overpriced.

Country living

How can a country living near the city be a couple of hours away from where I work?

Located a couple of hours away from where you work.


This cozy house should only be bought by people less than 5 feet tall.

House has very small rooms that are not big enough for a large bed.

Desirable neighborhood

The neighbors ignored me when I moved in in this desirable neighborhood.

Overprized houses due to reputed snobbish neighbors.


This dollhouse needs to be cleared out of furniture unfortunately none of my furniture can fit here.

Small house with small ugly furniture.

Easy freeway access

Can hardly park my car in this easy freeway access house.

Step out of your door right into a street full of road hogs.

Easy to heat

This one bedroom house is so easy to heat.

Small enough to heat every room with a very small heater.

Efficiently designed kitchen

This efficiently designed kitchen is too small for a table and an island.

Miniscule kitchen that has the capacity to hold 1 person only.

In-city living

The in-city living house is located in the most dangerous part of the city!

The neighborhood turns dangerous after dark.

Just available

This house was just made available by its 90 years old previous owner.

The last owner just died inside the house.

Large family room

The location of the large family room is an inconvenient to me who have a hard time going downstairs.

Only the basement is big enough for the family room.

Lots of storage space

I do not want lots of storage space. I want bigger rooms.

You can store everything on the basement because it's not big enough to turn into a family room.

Low maintenance lot

This low maintenance lot house gives me just enough room of a single line of flower pots.

No space in between gates and house.

Meticulously maintained in the original condition

Grandma's house is meticulously maintained in the original condition. It hasn

The house is more than 50 years old and some built in furniture might be rotten.

Must see inside

A must see inside house forces you to get a tan by making you fix the house outside.

The inside of the house is much better looking than the outside.

Near transportation

Cannot sleep late in the morning because our house is near transportation.

House owners will never sleep with all the loud cars and trucks passing by.

Neighborhood watch

With neighborhood watch everyone will know how many pair of socks I have.

Full on nosy neighbors armed with binoculars.

Newly remodeled kitchen

The newly remodeled kitchen in this new house hasleaky faucets!

Very old kitchen with minor and cheap remodeling of faucets or cabinets.

Old charmer

That small rundown house is an old charmer.

A house without any beauty but still has charms.

Partial mountain view

There is no scenic mountain view here all the buildings are blocking my view.

Mountains can be partially seen on the rooftop because of buildings blocking the view.

Pet friendly neighborhood

I have to fence in my yard because of this pet friendly neighborhood.

The yards are given fresh fertilizer everyday by neighborhood pets.

Ready to move in

The box type house is ready to move in despite the paint smell and almost see through wall paint.

Have newly painted rooms. Mostly white in color, cheap and 1 coating only.

Ready to remodel

The house that my friend just purchased looked ready to be remodeled.

Old house that should be torn down.

Recreation room with wet bar

The new recreation room with wet bar needs refurnish and reconstructed before I can have a party there.

Newly painted basement like room with a built in faucet.

Seasonal creek

The seasonal creek attracts newts and frogs because it's not moving most of the time.

Shallow ditch that runs across your property that is muddy all the time.


The storybook style houses you are showing me have a lot of missing tiles on the roof.

Old fashioned house with a roof that is anything but flat.

Stunning house

A stunning house is for sale in a posh neighborhood.

A normal looking but slightly pretty house.

Sunny corner lot

People pass by corner lot houses all the time.

More cars pass through with two roads.

Territorial view

This territorial view ranges from my small yard up to the window of my neighbor.

Everything next-door can be viewed from your house.

Three season sunroom

It's very cold in my 3 season sunroom during evening.

Extra room added to the house that the last owner wasn't able to add a heater on.


This tudor house has a very large attic that does not need an air conditioner.

Have rooms on the attic where the heater and air conditioner cannot reach

Usable land

The usable land is too hot. I would need to construct a tent to shade my lawn.

Land cleared out of trees.

Wildlife nearby

With wildlife nearby, we never go out at night because of mosquitoes.

Near areas with overgrown grass full of parasites.