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Sarah goes batmobile when I want to ask her where she went last night.

A shield constructed by people to ward off nosy people who have the tendency to ask about personal and emotional things.


During the most important meeting of the year, Ron suddenly got a beepilepsy attack because he forgot to put his beeper to vibrate.

A brief shock and slight seizure that some people experience when their beepers either beep or vibrate. Oftentimes it freezes the face in a weird or goofy expression for a second.


Granny's homemade apple pie lost to that machine made pie because of that tv advertisement.

When the best and latest technology is disregarded because of the better advertised but low quality competition.

Blowing Your Buffer

Tom is not a good candidate to train the new hires because he is always blowing his buffer.

A sudden idea arriving in your brain that blows off all the train of your thoughts ending with you forgetting what you are talking about and what idea came to your mind.

Body Nazis

Angelica is one of the feared body nazis who would never date someone who has a beer belly.

Gym or exercise addicts who thinks they are superior to anyone who is not addicted like them.


Layla bookmark that person I will be getting in touch with him in the near future.

To store a certain detail about a person to remember them for further research in the future.

Brain Fart

Without reading the whole book, I can still summarize it with just getting all that brain fart from Joey.

Information given out by a knowledgeable person easily as it is part of their vast database of a brain.


Dexter our alpha geek is such a CGI Joe when it comes to parties.

A CGI geek who has no social skills. Similar to a doll being expressionless and silent in social gatherings.

Chip Jewelry

My PS3 was thrown out of the window and became chip jewelry.

A computer in the verge of completely breaking down or is already dead and cannot be revived. It can either be thrown away or made into a decoration.


My 5 years old never been updated website became a cobweb.

A website which haven't been updated or changed for a long time.


Before the project ends, we need to gather a collaboration.

To gather scapegoats to avoid being the blame if anything goes wrong.

Crop Dusting

Gerard hated his boss so much that he went crop dusting near his cubicle.

Nonchalantly and stealthily farting while passing by many cubicles and checking out their reaction but not giving yourself away.

Dead Tree Edition

Ebooks are great but nothing beats the dead tree editions.

Refer written work version that are printed in paper. Referring the paper as the dead tree.


Mary is always being dilberted because she never complains.

To be bullied and made into a personal slave by your boss.

Dorito Syndrome

I just had lunch but I still have this dorito syndrome.

Emotional dependency for the passing pleasure of an addictive junkfood.


Robert just discovered how to use google and the first thing he did was to go egosurfing.

Checking the Internet if it has your name published anywhere.

Elvis Year

The Elvis year of that product was 10 years ago. It should be updated already.

The year when ones popularity is at its height. Might also be the only year you are popular.


The whole room was glazing while the instructor droned on and on.

Stealthy way of keeping your eyes open while sleeping in a meeting or conference.

Going Postal

Steve has been angry 3 days in a row now. I think he is going postal.

On the verge or already on nervous breakdown and blasting it out on innocent bystanders.

GOOD job

Frank if you keep on doing a good job every day after work you might collapse.

Means Get-Out-Of-Debt job. A part time or temporary job to help a person pay their debts.

Gray Matter

The young manager of that new hotel is looking for a gray matter that can act as an ambassador for him.

People who have experience in business for several years that are hired by young business people hoping that with them, their business will appear stable and under good management.

Graybar Land

This computer is a junk! I've on graybar land for 10 minutes already.

Where you head goes when doing and thinking nothing while waiting for a very slow program processes in the computer.

High Dome

To be the best in this field, it is better to train under a high dome.

Refers exaggerated visualization of the head of people who have vast knowledge or are masters in their field.

Idea Hamsters

I think the team has too many idea hamsters that

People whose head have ideas arriving very fast.


That series is such an irritainment. Too bad it

An addictive form of entertainment which you find irritating but could never resist.

Job Security

This breadcrumb job I have is so secured nobody kicked me out even when I am slacking. This is called job security.

People will never touch your job because it sucks.

Keyboard Plaque

The company is too cheap to hire janitors now we are infected with keyboard plaque.

A keyboard that is seldom or never been cleaned resulting to annoying dust or dirt on it.

Link Rot

The website where you can download movies has many link rots.

Links on a website that is not updated resulting to going nowhere.

Open-Collar Workers

My mom is a housewife and an open-collar worker.

People who earn their living at home who either use their computer or anything else.


The van perotted in the middle of the desert.

Anything that breaks down or stops for no visible reason.


Francis is good with choosing plug and play employees.

A self sufficient new employee that works right away without supervision or training.


To get out of trouble, we decided to study the company policy so that we can blame other for our mistake.

Placed there by management to protect them from the blame. So if an employee does something that went wrong, the company will just say she did not follow the policy.

Ribs 'N' Dick

The boss expects us to finish the project with ribs 'n' dick budget.

A limited budget expected to produce more than its worth.

Square-Headed Spouse

John spends 18 hours with his square-headed spouse.

Refers to the computer where you spend all the time with.

Squirt the Bird

The movie was not broadcasted as scheduled because they forgot to squirt the bird.

To send out the signal to the satellite.

Starter Marriage

A person who had been divorced once knows what it's like to have a starter marriage.

A marriage where you have all the benefits and experience to bring with you to have a better second marriage.

Stress Puppy

That stress puppy behavior is infecting me.

A person who is stressed out all the time when working and accompanies his work with complaints and whining.

Swiped Out

With my habit to shop every day, my card is already swiped out.

An overly used ATM or credit card that has parts that are almost worn out.


The company will never improve when all they send out to train are tourist.

Employees who use the opportunity to relax or imagine they are on vacation while training.


Our office is very stingy when it comes to producing treeware.

Refers to printed documents on paper.

Under Mouse Arrest

Downloading that copyrighted music resulted in my mouse arrest.

Being blocked or kicked by the server due to violation of their policy.


The president is our visionary but his vision never changed since 1960s.

A person whose ideas are used to increase the workload of employees.

Xerox Subsidy

Lisa not only prints out her daughter's assignment on our office printer but she also uses the xerox subsidy.

What you call using the photocopier of your workplace for personal reasons not related to work.