Job - 404Whylo Zipper

Ability to Handle a Heavy Work Load

Jane has the ability to handle a heavy work load 12hours a day.

We give you more work than what we are paying you.


Old guy Dave is so career minded he started working for this company 40 years ago.

We expect you to focus all your mind and career in your job until retirement.

Casual Work Atmosphere

Juliet wore a 5 years old shirt because of the casual work atmosphere in her work.

Salary is not enough to purchase branded clothes.

Competitive Environment

3 people were hired and fired last month for that competitive job.

Many people leave the company so anyone can compete for new available slots.

Competitive Salary

New hires are given a very competitive salary.

We are competitive because we offer less salary than our competitors.

Duties Will Vary

Duties will vary from being a coffeemaker to errand girl.

As a newbie you will do whatever job everyone gives you.

Flexible Hours

Our weekly hours are very flexible ranging from 55hours to 60 hours.

We give you all the flexibility in our longer office hours.

Good Communication Skills

Lyra has a very good communication skills understanding what the boss is shouting about.

Ability to understand whatever the management says without asking questions.

Problem-Solving Skills A Must

Problems solving skills is a must because we have variety of problems that comes up ever day.

New problems and chaos will arrive everyday and we need someone to solve them for us.

Sales Position Requiring Motivated Self-Starter

That job for a SALES POSITION REQUIRING MOTIVATED SELF-STARTER only gave me $5.00 last month.

Jobs start away with no training and salary will be based on the commission you got on sales.

Seeking Candidates With A Wide Variety Of Experience

The candidate with wide variety of experience they hired will be handling secretarial, inventory manager, and errand girl jobs.

We will hire you to take over the jobs of several employees whom we removed to save money.


Self motivated skills are a must on that chaotic company.

All superiors are too busy with their job to help you with your questions.

Some Overtime Rrequired

Our contracted stated some overtime time required but I never thought it would be every day!

Overtime is required anytime we want like every day or all weekend.