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The new secretary looks acluistic.

State of being clueless.

Across the piece

Tomorrow we will do a report across the piece of this project.

Includes everything


I will address your concern within the next hour.

To take notice and do what needs to be done.


It is the decision of the adminisphere to remove health benefits from all employees

Levels of management where mostly big decisions are counterproductive or impractical

Adoption process

The adoption process of our new client took us two weeks.

A process or path where a doubtful customer is won over.


Nancy the anointed one is sneaking in to the boss office again for another session ass kissing maybe.

An annoying co employee who always looks good in the eyes of the boss.

Armchair general

That armchair general just kept on blabbing without even understanding our reports.

A critic who has absolutely no experience in what he criticizes about.


Gary became a manager due to being an assmosis.

A method that can result to advancement in career due to being close to the boss


Our office aut cannot speak normally outside of the office.

A guru of who spouts it all the time resulting in almost no one understanding him.

Badge violation

Norbert went to the club and received many stares because of badge violation.

The oftentimes embarrassing discovery that you are still wearing your ID while enjoying yourself outside the office.


The bake off of two phones had proven to us that phone A is much better.

A competition between a couple of products.


Be sure to bake-in my report for today's meeting.

To include something.


Give me the ballpark figure of that new franchise chain.

An estimation of an amount.


Harold is nervous when it comes to cameras. You can see it in his bambi look.

A person who gives a wide eye shocked expression when he is in front of a camera.


I've put a band aid to your blunder this afternoon.

To cover a mistake hastily and temporarily.


The new software for virtual reality gave me a feeling of barfogenesis.

The sensation of wanting to barf while using virtual reality headsets.


The bean-counter people in this office come in early and go out late.

A not so polite name for accountants.

Beef up

We can beef up this product for better quality.

To add more muscles to something to make it better.

Best Practices

Utilizing industry best practices, we

Method, process, or technique (often borrowed from a competitor)

between a rock and a hard place

Jelyn got into a fight with her partner now she is in between a rock and a hard place because she cannot finish this project.

A messy no win situation.

Big Hitter

To get something done we must ask a favor from one of our big hitters.

A person with a high position and power within the company.

Big learn

All our mistakes go to the big learn file in our brain.

Learning something quiet difficult.

Binary Star Configuration

The legendary bi-star is the peanut butter and jelly.

Two things that will not be separated.


I'm going to have a 5 minutes bio-break.

To go to the comfort room.

Bit Flip

I decided to do a bit flip and become a monk.

To make a major change in your life.


If you will not attend that meaning you will be suspected during blamestorming.

group meeting discussing failed project or missed deadline that will conclude in blaming someone

Bleeding people

The company is recruiting because it is bleeding people.

When a company becomes understaffed because of many resignation.

Blue Sky Thinking

Let's do some blue sky thinking for new ideas to present the next meeting.

Thinking about something new or beyond what you already have.

Boat Anchor

We should tell the boss to scrap all those boat anchors in the office.

Another term for old computer technology.

boil the ocean

Harold tends to boil the ocean on small things. I wonder why he is still in this company.

The most inefficient way to do something. Like boiling the ocean to make salt.

Boiler room

People who work in the boiler room sometimes have perpetual red ears.

A sales company that sells products of doubtful reputation oftentimes by phone.

Boiling the frog

I was surprised that they decided to boil the frog in this new company.

A stealthy change of management.


George looks so funny when he got an attack of bosspasm.

Employee's effort to look busy in a natural way when the boss passes by.


The boss got angry because some of your report sounds bozone.

A slang for stupid derived from the word bozo.

bragging rights

Only John have bragging right when it comes to playing tennis.

success and competence in specific area that allows you to boast about it

Brain Dump

Ed is the only one in our group who can brain dump.

Using one's brain to create great ideas.

Brain Dump

Why don

Share everything you know about a topic


To decrease expenses for our human capital, the company decided to do breadcrumbing.

Assignment of several odd jobs to a single person.

Break your crayons

I did not mean to break your crayons but it would be better to hear this from me.

To upset and possibly ruin someone's day.


We will brown bag your idea and discuss it further tomorrow.

To wrap up a topic for a later discussion.

Bubble it up

The payroll dispute needs to be bubbled up.

To escalate an issue to be resolved by another person of a higher position.


Let's bucketize everything first before we try to vote for a solution.

To organize information in a logical way.

Burn grass

Be sure to burn grass with you team today to get the problem resolved immediately.

To meet with a group for discussion.


Jane is always attire with business provocative.

A attire worn by an employee that is too provocative and not suitable for a work place.


The media talks of buzzworthy things every day.

Something that has a capacity to be the talk of the town.


There is an annual byte-bonding for geek squads of every town.

When computer geeks socialize to talk about nothing else but techie things.


It takes years to reach c-level but a day to get fired from it.

Work title usually pertaining to those people on higher ups like CEO or the likes.

Cabinet Condom

All the cabinets in the office are users of cabinet condoms.

Can be made of any material as long as it will prevent the cabinet from closing and locking itself. Use when a cabinets does not have a key anymore.

Call on the carpet

Scott was called on the carpet due to this inappropriate behavior last meeting.

Call forward to be reprimanded and possibly disciplined.


Before the company went broke, they were capzising all their branches.

Firing too many employees that are crucial for the functionality of the organization.

Career Canary

I think it

An employee with a rank lower than you but have a job than is aligned with yours and both jobs will not be able to stand by itself. They are called Career Canary because they care the early warning system if you will lose your job.

Career suicide

To jump from one work to another within the span of 1 month is career suicide.

Doing or has done something that will make you lose your career with no possibility of getting back on that track again.

Carrots and sticks

The team needs more carrot and sticks because sitting all day is making them restless.

Encouragement oftentimes in monetary value or anything for pleasure that is not included with what you receive as your salary.

Carte blanche

Karen has Carte Blanche on our whole project.

Free rein to do whatever you want in a project or organization.

Carter's Trap

I try to do things in a very mediocre way to avoid Carter's trap.

Doing an undesirable job well only to be assigned to it again because you did it so well.

centers of excellence

Being high achievers in this business, our company is called center of excellence.

A workplace with many members that are good at what they do.

Chainsaw Consultant

The chainsaw consultant reduce the number of employees by half

outside expert hired by the company that advices how to reduce the number of employees but protects the management from responsibility

Cheese chew

We always cheese chew for each other. Thanks pal.

Doing an undesirable to make someone happy.

Chicken shop

Those chicken shops in the slum areas don

A company or firm that makes products that are below average in quality.

chuncky salsa

The chunky salsa of the thesis you submit is just a wrong spelling.

A one time, one hit error that brings down the whole program.

circle with

Can you circle with Emma later regarding tomorrows brunch?

Does not mean to socialize with. It means to talk to someone.

Circling the Drain

The beepers had been circling the drain for many years.

Something that refuses to die or to end by hanging in there despite the obvious doom.

Cleans Up Well

Joe is always on the road because he cleans up well.

An employee that is always chosen to represent the company because he looks impressive.


John did a CLM when he got drunk at the office party last month

Career Limiting Move. A reckless action done unintentionally that could affect future promotions or limit your time in your workplace resulting to being fired

Clock tower attrition

The owner of the company is always training new people because of his clock tower attrition attitude.

Rapid termination of employees at the hand of an overly impulsive boss.


The company is losing money so we need to get rid of clocksucker first.

A completely ineffective employee.

Close of play

Employees tend to panic when the close of play comes near.

Cut off time of a project or goal.


Let's have a meeting so that we can commonplate our goal.

To discuss a topic to a group with a goal of having the members receive the same information.

Compliment sandwich

Our boss is an expert of compliment sandwich.

Giving criticism in between compliments for enough encouragement on the employee


Most contrarian in this business either goes broke or becomes very rich.

A contrary person that makes decision opposing standard practices.

Cook the books

David got fired for cooking the books.

Alteration of company files in an unorthodox way.

core competencies

The core competencies of my company of being the most secured virus free database manager puts us ahead of our competitors.

unique competence of the company that puts you ahead of competitors

Cost containment

Another way to do cost containment is to have a paperless environment in the office.

An effort to control expenses.


When Larry comes prepare your counterbug because he will be checking all our work.

A self defense you prepare for people who see any bugs with your code. You counter bug by telling them their own bugs.

cow on the line

We cannot move forward with this project because there is a cow on the line.

A physical or emotional aspect that keeps the project from progressing.


John is our only cowboy employee here but he is still a genius in marketing.

A hard to handle employee.


It's rude to crackeye the room where our CEO's are meeting.

To check a room if it is still being used.

Crisis Junkie

Elena is the worst crisis junkie in the whole office. She can only function when it's on a deadline or something.

An employee who works better when in crisis.


We decided to invite our competition for a party hoping for a cross pollination.

Reproduction of ideas when different minds gather together for a common goal.


Kay will be getting a maternity leave in a week's time so she better get someone to cross training for her.

Learning another person's job for possible inclusion of it to your job when they take personal leave.

Cubicle vultures

The half empty cube farm is infested with cubicle vultures.

Office workers who salvage office supplies left by other employees who got fired.

Customer Centric

The food industry is customer centric.

Business strategy that all decision for the product should be generated from the end-users opinion.

Cutting Edge

Our newly designed tablet has a cutting edge technology that will never be copied by competitors.

Technology just release may or may not be better than its predecessor.


Eddy is cyberslacking with that freecell game again.

Using the computer for pleasure like chatting or browsing instead of working.


It's good to know that there are many cybrarian that you can hire on the internet.

People who have mad browsing skills and make a living out of it as researchers.

Dancing Baloney

Most blogs on the internet are full of dancing baloneys.

Attention catching useless animation of websites used to make presentation flashier.

Dawn Patrol

Gerald is the dawn patrol captain of the geek squad. He is always here.

Preoccupied programmer who does not realize that they are at their workplace all night long.

Dead End Users

Some dead end-users accused me of not knowing my job when he does not even know what a mouse is.

Term used by technical people to end-users who does not know how to use the internet and keeps on asking for help.

Deja Moo

When the boss talked about the upcoming raise, I suddenly got a feeling of deja moo.

A feeling that you might have experience this bull before.


Everyone, check for pending deliverables and finish them today.

A task or service that needs to be done.


Harry and Janet argue all the time because of Harry's depot phobia.

The fear for one's pocket when entering or planning to enter a home depot.


The fashion industry has designosaurs still roaming around.

Old fashioned designers who refuse to use the computer to help them with their work.

Desk dive

When the boss passed by our department, we got infected by a bad case of desk dive syndrome.

A term use to call the act of crawling uncomfortably under your desk to fix or get something.


Let's dial in the latest software in this project to get a better result than our competition.

To include something.


The meeting is relatively useless when the entire people attending are dittoheads.

Several people agreeing completely with something.

Download some brownware

My stomach is hurting I got to download some brownware.

Another they use when a person needs to go to the toilet.

drill it home

Drilling home the rules saves us a lot of time and discussion with regard to this project.

forcibly sending the point home


The meeting took 3 hours because they decided to drill down everything about the company.

To go down to nitty gritty details.

drink our own champagne

Nothing tastes sweeter than drinking your own champagne.

Referring to testing your own product and the result is good enough for you too.

drinking the kool-aid

Since the boss decided this we can all just drink the kool-aid.

To resign one's self to accept something with blind faith.


Adam please tell me what are the drivers of a good marketing strategy?

Refers to key factors that can make a project or marketed products move forward.

Drop Paper

We are ready to drop paper with our latest client.

Another term for finalizing a purchasing agreement.


Give me an ETA of the completion of that advertisement.

short for Expected time of arrival. Estimated time to finish your work or a project.

Ear job

I will be giving you an ear job later about what happened during lunch break.

To gossip about something verbally to your coworkers.

Eat the frog

The deadline is tomorrow so it's time to eat the frog.

To force yourself to do a job that needs to be finished.

eat(ing) your own dog food

We decided to try our machine made cakes and its like eating your own dogfood. We need to change the ingredients right away.

Testing one

Electronic Dysoning

NSA electronically dysons the whole world. The agency that never looses suction on your data. I just have been electronically dysoned by NSA. Twice the suction than others. NSA goes bagless they build a datacenter in Utah.

NSA just leeched all my data.

emotional leakage

Hannah keeps saying that she is happy for you but her emotional leakage shows that she is not.

Inner emotion betrayed by gestures.

End to End

Jim is involved end to end with the whole project.

From the beginning to the end.

Evil Space Magic

Elizabeth's crappy work has some evil space magic on it because the boss actually approves of it.

Inexplicable force that renders something that has no hope of succeeding to win.

Exercise Bulimics

It's hard talking to exercise bullimics because calories are all they talk about.

People who frantically exercise after they consume an amount of calories to get rid of it.

Exploding offer

That exploding offer looks great. I will be checking it out some more.

An offer with a deadline.


We can expect many eyeballs for our show tonight.

Viewers or audience.

Fairy dust

All we need is the fairy dust and we are good to go.

Final part of a project.

Fall guy

Steve is the fall guy for what Aaron did with our project.

The one who will take all the blame for everyone's action.

Fallen angels

We lost many clients because of fallen angels.

An investment that used to be productive but lost its value over time.


If you do more faulty-tasking then prepare your resume.

To take too many responsibilities resulting to be bad in all of them.


This building has 300 fenestration.

A complicated way to call a window.

File thirteen

All my written complaints went to file thirteen.

Office slang for garbage can.

Finger in the air figure

Can you send me a report of finger in the air figure ASAP?

Estimated amount

Fire fighting

We do a lot of fire fighting in this compatitive world.

Taking a critical problem with a time limit head on.

Fish or cut bait

It's time to fish or cut bait regarding our annual party budget.

Required to make a decision immediately.


Media can give a company a feeling of being in a fishbowl.

To do things in open view to the public eye.

Flight Risk

Stared hiring new employees because we are a high flight risk this holiday season.

term used to describe employees under the suspicion of leaving the workplace


I usually do not answer or open email because I've been a victim of floodgaters.

A person who thinks that when you answer their email it means you want to have a long interaction with them so they send out more emails.


The paperwork that the boss wanted me to frankenedit is unreadable!

A hurried editing of a written work in an unreasonable deadline.

Free seminar

Will you be bringing money in this free seminar?

A disguised sales talk for a group of people.


We have futureproof our newly released computers to attract more buyers.

To make sure a product will not easily become obsolete even in the future.

gain traction

The gain traction of the new shampoo is astounding. We are sold out on the first day.

Term for the momentum the product have in being accepted.


I went to another city for new things but it seems to be generica.

Places in the US that have many franchise that they look the same in almost every city.

ghetto code

Most of the codes that you make are ghetto codes. I cannot understand any of them but the results looks great.

A part of a code that looks jumbled and cannot be easily understood but gives out good results.

Ghost work

Half of the employees fired yesterday left us with tons of ghost work.

Work left behind by terminated employee that needs to be done by someone else.

Glass ceiling

Mary who worked on that company for 20 years never got promoted because of all that glass ceiling.

A non visible obstruction to career progress that usually hit people from different culture or women.

Go To Market

This brand new flavor of tomato sauce is ready to go to market.

A plan to launch a new product to the market.


Arnold annoys everyone by being a ghostbricker.

An employee who wants to look the part rather than to establish solid base by doing his part.


Please stop him when he goes granular in this 30 minutes meeting.

Explaining or talking about details.


That multimillion company came from grass roots.

An organization that came from rag to riches.

Greater fool theory

The people on eBay are very familiar with greater fool theory.

The positive but almost unreasonable way of thinking that there are other fools out there that can be taken for a ride.


We need to grey source so that someone can fix this DOS program.

The act of hiring people with technical knowledge who are on the generation of the product you want fixed.

Group Hug

We better schedule a group hug this afternoon the team looks uninspired.

A meeting used to boost up the morale of employees.

helicopter view

The top floor of the 50 floors building gives everyone a sensation of experiencing a helicopter view.

the view from 30,000 feet above the air.

Hocus Focus Problem

The pop up advertisement gave me a hocus pocus problem.

Problem resulting in lost or change of focus.

Holy Wars

Politics have so many holy wars that there are even some not yet broadcasted by the media.

Debates or discussions that lasted for a long time that has no visible conclusion yet in the near future.

Hot Potato/Hot Potatoes

Every webpage have a hot potato on top.

Also known as Http:// and Https://.

Human capital

Telemarketers have 90% human capital.

Called to humans that are considered an asset to a company.

In The Plastic Closet

Sarah is still denying it but I am sure she is in the plastic closet.

People who had cosmetic surgery but will never admit it.


We will instantiate your complaints within 24 hours.

To establish by proof a particular issue or behavior.


It's a miracle that George managed to finish his project when he is so interrupt driven.

A person who gets more drive from interruption rather than what they are supposed to do.

Inverse Vandalism

Roger might be smart but he always waste his time doing inverse vandalism with computers.

Making something for absolutely no reason at all.

it was all party hats and sausage rolls

An hour after we shook hand with the dealers, it was all party hats and sausage rolls.

Success of a goal that leaves nothing more to do but to party.


Linda had been jawboned into cleaning the store room.

To persuade someone to do what you want.


We need to watch out for that Jimmy. He looks ready to crash from stress.

A new programmer who have a tendency to make mistakes.

Job lock

This company have a lot of job lock whiners

Employees who are not satisfied with their jobs but are unable to leave it because of the benefits.


We will only hire job-ready applicants.

A job candidate that has all the right skills and experience.

Jockey for position

Jenny is jockying for position as a TV anchor.

To work with a goal to get to the desired position.

John Hancock

Amazon will deliver only after the get a John Hancock.

Another term for signature.

Joined Up

It's best to joined up our ideas to get a better result.

Looking at things beyond our comfort zone.

Jumped the shark

That dress had already jumped the shark last week.

Something that had passed through the best part of its existence and is virtually useless now.

Junior leaguers

Those junior leaguers should go to third world countries where they are most needed.

Upper class women who pass their time doing volunteer jobs.


We can kevork this job while the boss is absent and go shopping together.

To end or kill something.

Key Macarena

The parking lot is the dance stage of the key macarena.

The fast movement of tapping all your pockets for a key you can never find.

Kid gloves

We need to put on kid glove in this sexual harassment case.

To handle something with outmost care.

Kodak Courage

Jason is very funny in front of the camera. He always gets kodak courage then.

When a person in front of the camera gains more courage and does things better than usual.


Emmanuel always receives kudos for his calls.

A praise given for a job well done.

Kung Fu

To finish that program you will need all you kung fu skills.

What you call an above average or higher technical skills.

Lead balloon

Reading the project's plan, we can conclude that this will just be a lead balloon.

Failed, went bad, or did not work.


The company John used to work is a leaner.

A company that's rumored to have removed a significant number of employees to reduce expenses


All these years in marketing gives me a lot of learnings.

Information you gathered and store in your brain for possible future use.

Left-handed compliment

Tony's swell head thought that he is right in giving out left-handed compliments.

A clever way to insult someone by coating it with a compliment.

Legal scrub

All the contracts have to go through legal scrubs before we let anyone sign them.

To run a legal document with a lawyer to prevent future lawsuit.

Lick and a promise

The employee will show inefficiency if in little things all they give out is a lick and a promise.

A work done with unenthusiastic effort resulting to failure.


Gina resigned from her job to do a lifehack.

To make changes in your life for improvements.

Lightning rod

Greg is the worst lightning rod I've ever seen in this office. Always getting into trouble every day.

A person who attracts trouble.

Lipstick on a pig

Despite trying to put a lipstick on a pig, John wasn't able to prevent the boss from getting angry.

A futile attempt on navigating failure to a more positive path.

long-pole item

The long pole Item for this project is the idea that fred thought up.

Refers to the center of an activity that holds the rise and fall of the result.

Lose the bubble

Erica panicked when she lost the bubble in finishing today's report.

When something disappears from one's thoughts.

Low Hanging Fruit

I will take care of the low hanging fruit right now and catch up with you after I finish.

Small details or work that needs to be done because it can affect the overall result.

LRF Support

Does your cellphone have LRF support?

Meaning of the term is Little Rubber Feet. A not yet well known acronym that can be used as a prank to those who use electronic devices.

Malicious obedience

Harriet decided to give her obsessive compulsive boss a malicious obedience.

The act of obeying someone in a hope of something will go wrong because of their instructions.

Manage Expectations

We all need to manage our expectation for our new employees.

Expecting results in a realistic way.

Meat and potatoes

The company kept the meat and potatoes way for several years and is still surviving because of that.

Normal, established, or traditional.

Meta ignorance

We need a volunteer to snap the boss out of meta-ignorance.

Being clueless about what you have no knowledge of.


John simply failed his metrics when he went AWOL for 3 days.

A kind of measurement in performance to know if an employee is doing well.


Kristine is milking the fact that the boss is her boyfriend that

To make use of your leverage in a situation.


We can monetize our time in front of the computer by signing up in this website.

Refers to what you do to things that you can make money from.

Mouse potato

Other people who cannot sit still are not qualified to be a mouse potato.

A computer addict who sits in front of the computer all day, eats there, and sometimes even sleeps there.

Move the needle

People, we need to move the needle our deadline is tomorrow.

To get something to move and start working immediately.

Mucus trooper

Josh is a very infectious mucus trooper.

An extremely unhealthy co-employee who comes to work even when sick and spreads all their germs around.


This office is full of multi-slacker because the boss allows games to be downloaded.

A slacker that has a talent for doing many things at once that are not related to his job. Like playing games, listening to music, and chatting at the same time.

Muppet shuffle

The IT department wasn't aware that the Muppet shuffle Finance department did target them for the transfer.

Transferring a problematic employee to another department that is unaware of his/her behavior.

Mushroom principle

This office has a mushroom principle that we need to know of to protect ourselves.

A work method that leaves the employees having the wrong or insufficient information for the purpose of keeping something quiet.


After the meeting the boss asked Linda to fetch a coffee to avoid the attack of negatron.

A person who sees the negative aspect of everything.

NIMQ (pronounced nihm-kyoo)

Frank was very rude. I handed him his document and his told me NIMQ.

Shortcut for Not in My Queue. People says this when they refuse to do a job that is not supposed to be theirs.


I need more time to noodle your suggestion.

Refers to brain. In others cases it means to ponder about something.

Not my first rodeo

Son, slacking at work while looking professional is something I can easily catch. This is not my first rodeo you know.

Most people say this in a snobbish way to inform people that they had been there and done that.


Hope you have a great day. NRN

Short cut for No Response Necessary. Used by email users to avoid unnecessary response.


The electronic data sucking agency.

Where all our data goes.


Time to nut-up and face the music.

To encourage one's self so that you can move forward.

Office pretty

Hannah is only office pretty. When we went out on a date she looked ordinary.

Co-workers that look great in the office but when outside compared to other people they do not look that good.

Old boys club

The president went to the old boys club for a business lunch.

A group of companies that has a long term business relationship.

On the map

We will only be placed on the map if we can reach our quota.

When a product becomes popular and well known.


The optics looks bad but don't worry we can still fix this before the deadline.

How people see's a situation.


John is out-of-packet at the moment because he decided to go to an isolated island with no signal.

When a person cannot be reach by phone or any medium of communication. Usually referring to people who are on a plane or if they are marooned somewhere that has no technology.


This group needs an intense oxygen-move because the members are slacking.

To hit a lifeless group with sudden inspiration.


This anime would be great as long as you will not hire paintmonkeys.

Someone who dabs in computer graphics but does not give out great results.


Papercuts rains on me every day because the boss is not satisfied with the team's performance.

A small reprimand that will affect the reprimanded but in a little way that will most likely be forgotten right away.

Parachute in

We need to parachute in Eddie to Hawaii so help the advertisement design team there.

To assigned an employee temporarily on an off site location to help with the work there.

peel the onion

We need to peel the onion with regard to the conspiracy going on around the office.

Relating to problem solving. To peel the layers to get to the bottom of things.

performance management

My performance management with Al went bad because he is too hard to talk to.

To handle or manage another person.


Emma is a photox addict. She always edits her photos before posting it on a website.

To make enhancement on one's photos online using graphics enhancing software.


Robert should not be bullying that pigeon because he is still new here.

A derogatory way of calling a fellow employee who has timid personality and not so sharp brain.

Polish a document

The secretary needs to polish the document that her boss submitted to the higher ups.

To edit a document by adding convincing words.


That polling is affected Steve's work. He should concentrate more on his work.

The act of gossip addicts who intensely watch for the latest news to be the first one to talk about it.

position a product

We are positioning a product for homebased telemarketers

To promote a previously unprofitable or unknown product or skill

Power Luser

All my students are power lusers when it comes to their computer programming subject.

A computer user with the worst of luck regarding computers. Every time they use it either they erase something that can never be brought back or destroy the operating system itself.

power to the elbow

Let's add power to the elbow before we present this case to the senior manager.

To gather more information to power up your case.

Prairie dogging

Bryan yelling because of a paper cut resulted to prairie dogging in the office

Several heads looking over on your cubicle after you made a loud noise


To avoid the tension of waiting for an attack, we decided to do the prebuttal on the competition.

A defensive mechanism that makes a person meets the opponent head on before they have any chance of charging first.


The boss may look in favor to presenteeism but I need to go home after shift to take care of my baby.

To be present at all times in the office including before your shift as after your shift. A workaholic.


Seth is a very proactive team manager for the clean and green project.

a person who takes a lot of action to do his part in a team for the benefit of their goal


My suggestion to a 20 days vacation per year encountered a major pushback from the manager

rejection or resistance to possible correct solution or suggestion

Put to bed

Let's put to bed this argument I'm getting tired of it.

To complete or finish something.

Reality 101 Failure

The new invention Yves made broke down after the first test. It

A program that looks very promising in all aspect but when used, will show the programmer what's wrong with it along with the realization that it will never work.


To ensure that the codes will work after refuctoring, Barney just changed 2 commands

Making small changes in a program that only you can understand to ensure future maintenance work for yourself.

Render Wander

It's better to render wander than to lose my mind in grayland.

Making use of your time chatting with other people and walking around while the progress bar is running in your computer.

Resume stain

The previous 3 jobs I had looks more like resume stain that work experience.

A previous job that really looks bad on your history or work.

Risk Register

We cannot begin the project until we know the risks register.

The estimated amount of risk in the whole project.


Give me the roll-out for this project so that I can plan the next meeting.

Amount of time for something to be done.

Rolling the tortoise

The company is really rolling the tortoise when they sent 10 accountants to take care of the budget issue.

To roll out an exaggerated amount of resource to force a slow moving project to rise from the dead.

ROM Brain

The boss is the biggest ROM brain around.

A person who makes a lot out output with regard to idea or opinion but can never internalize anything in return.

rounding error

The sales need to do rounding error check for the new product.

relating to computations done by deliberately placing an error in a code to check for behavior

Rubber stamp

We cannot release the boxes of printing paper unless we get a rubber stamp.

An approval and it is not related to the physical aspect of stamping anything. The approval could just be by vocal communication.

Run it up the flagpole

We will be running your idea to the flagpole to check for reactions.

To open an idea to everyone's approval or criticism.

Salmon day

Ambitious people have salmon days once in a while

Doing everything to be more productive and to rise in position just to fail in the end


The progress is too slow. I will be joining the sausage making from now on.

observation or direct involvement in the step by step progress of a project

Schedule Chicken

Bart did not finish his project but decided to become schedule chicken because the boss got angry at him the last time.

An employee who cannot finish his work on time but hoping to avoid the ire of management by waiting for other employees to ask for schedule extension.

sea change

The future is at hand so do not be afraid of sea change.

A major change

Seagull manager

Its hard to have a seagull manager when we want to save the company.

A manager, who seldom visits, dictates what should be done and if that will result in a mess, leaves others to clean it.

Send Storm

Sally always blames the send storm when she makes mistakes on her report.

Happens when a person multitasks by working and chatting with the use of instant message and feels victimized when overwhelmed.

Shoot the puppy

Human resource department always have the job to fire people. They really hated shooting the puppy.

Unpleasant action usually avoided by everyone but needs to be done.

Show pony

The representative they sent out this year are just show ponies.

Someone who is always present but does not contribute or participate.

Shrug Report

I got shrug reports on my computer all day.

A error message about a bug with no understandable meaning and offers of help.

Silver ceiling

After working here for 30 year, I hit the silver ceiling because of new technologies.

An invisible wall that stops the advancement in rank of older employees.

singing from the same hymn sheet

Lisa and Lloyed are singing from the same hymn sheet when talking to new customers.

To look united in front of customers to express to them and possibly make them remember the enthusiasm the company have in its product.


Since we have a one year old and a new born kid, we need to plan on this family being a SITCOM.

Shortcut for Single Income. A term for a home with a source of income coming from a single person who works for a salary.

Slacker Window

The boss will not tolerate slacker windows. He wants the best at all times.

A strategic way to avoid repeat of unpleasant assignments by doing it badly but not bad enough to be fired.

Smell test

A smell test is required before we can mass produce.

New term for testing for possible outcome of a project.


John is always smirting with new female employees.

Flirting with a co-employee when smoking together during break.

Smug Report

Those smug reports are making me very sleepy.

A error report submitted by a person talking about none related details with a few irrelevant suggestions on how to fix it.

Soft pedal

Tanya soft pedaled the boss so that she will have more time in working for the project she procrastinated.

To stealthily imply something that is not entirely true to cover up something.

soup to nuts

We need dedicated individuals who will be with us from soup to nuts.

From smallest starting phase to the end result.

Stepford Worker

The boss is surrounded by stepford workers because he enjoys their company.

A worker that goes with all the decision of the higher up and follows them without thinking.

Stick to your knitting

Better stick to your knitting than interfere with the work or others.

To stick to what you know.

strategic staircase

Harry is the only guy in the office who uses the strategic staircase. We should follow him.

To plan for the future with a goal of progress.


We will surface your concern to get immediate results.

To bring forth or bring up a concern.

Sweetheart deal

I wonder how long would it take for a new client to get a sweetheart deal?

A mutual agreement in between provider and clients that old trusted clients will be prioritize over newer untested one.


To target older folk for our latest medicine we need to do a sympvertizing.

To advertise targeting certain groups and sympathize with them to show how sincere you are in helping them.

Take offline

John can we take this offline? The boss is calling me.

To discuss something later


Sam, what is the main takeaway of your after work training?

the main goal or information you expect to get from a work group gathering. For example like meetings or seminars.

Tap dancer

Jerry is the most productive working in our department yet he seems to be just tap dancing.

A person that has the outward reputation of being serious and productive in his work but never shows any progress in position.

Tart up

Let's tart up the reviews a bit to please the boss.

To make something look better.

Telephone Number Salary

The CEO is the only person in this company who has a telephone number salary.

A salary that can range from $1,000,000 to $9,999,999.

The Golden Rolodex

We can expect Ben to be a golden Rolodex a year from now.

Well-known experts who are always on the news and are often invited to be guest in talk shows.

The Sheath

Since we split the group into two, we need to prepare the sheath for the next meeting because we will be combining our work.

A form of shield or wall you place around a good working code to prevent it from being corrupted by other codes.

Throw under the bus

Justin has a great talent of avoiding the blame by throwing others under the bus.

To direct the blame in other people to avoid getting the consequence.


With foreigners as our front desk people, we could be accused of tokenism.

To create a false outward appearance that the company have equality by placing minorities in visible position.

touch base

I will touch base with Bob on Saturday

another term in contacting a person in the future


Maybelle did not get enough traction but still manage to finish it in one day.

Correct way of helping or contributing in a project.

Tree killer

Lisa is a tree killer but she still cannot change the habit of printing everything.

A person who use paper on all item without regard to helping the environment.

True North

To get to the path going to the true north, we need to do our best with this project first.

The right direction to success.

Turkey farm

The turkey farm department in our office is always assigned to plan parties and outings.

A department full of employees who are not really a profit to the company but cannot be removed due to several reasons like for example connection to the boss and something like that.

Tweak Freak

Anthony was a tweat freak that

A technical person who like to get to the bottom of things related to technology and spends time doing that even if it has no value at all.


Our plan looks unicorny now but tomorrow I will be showing you new charts for further explaination.

A plan still on early stage that has no solid base yet and can easily be thought of as imaginary.


Let's unpack this suggestion on how to have a paperless environment.

To go through all aspect in a certain topic.


We need outside help to unscrew the problem made by finance.

To correct a mistake.


It's better to upskill all employees because we will also be updating our whole system.

To learn a new set of skills through training to improve in their job


To stop Francis from ass kissing too much. The boss decided to uptitling him.

To promote an employee's title instead of giving them a real promotion.

Value stream

The value stream of our product needs to be observed so that we can make sure it will all lead to success.

The stream or path of a product through time that will show either a good result or bad result in the end.

Vampire Time

Most computer geeks like to use vampire time and I don

When time is reversed like when you are awake all night and asleep all morning.


Jenny is so vanilla. She will not even talk about her boyfriend.

A innocent like person who is conservative on certain things.

Vapour trail

Every day we suffer the vapor trail of our female boss.

Perfume odor trailing behind a person who uses too much. Often not very pleasant to the nose.

Vulture capitalists

To avoid vulture capitalists, the boss decided to sell the whole company cheaper to someone else.

Investors who arrive to help salvage bankrupt companies. Oftentimes taking the opportunity to buy things cheap.

Watercooler games

The employees in this company never finish any work on time because they are always preoccupied with their watercooler games.

Conversation between office workers.

we need one throat to choke

Since the company is losing money, we need one more throat to choke.

To get rid of some suppliers.

we want to be first off the taxi rank

In medical sales business we need to be the first one off the taxi rank in order to succeed.

The aim to be the first in something.

Where the rubber meets the road

All eyes opened to correct any possible mistakes on where the rubber meets the road.

The most important moment of a product that will ensure success. It a onetime offer only and oftentimes with time limit.


We need to whiteboard your idea to show everyone how it would work.

To express something using written words oftentimes using the whiteboard found in offices.

Work spasm

Ann had an attack of work spasm because too many work piled up when she went on maternity leave.

Enthusiasm in working shown by people who were away for a vacation. It is not expected to last long.

Wow factor

The wow factor can be done if we subtly repeat the company name throughout the phone call.

To impress the consumers enough to make them remember you.

Yogurt cities

Paris can be considered a Yogurt City.

It's a pun pertaining to yogurt having cultures. Referring to a city that has center of arts like museums or art galleries.

your take

What is your take with Jenny's proposal?

how you internalized, define or understand something