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Above the Line

Our above the line features should be more attractive.

Everything that the media publishes that is usually the lastest news and it is read by people first.'

Below the Line

The below the line feature of this magazine gives us extra income for vacations.

Anything that helps the media world that is not related to publishing. It could be promotion or sponsorship.


We need to check the brad before we publish this special feature.

A directory for UK media about how much would it cost to publish something. Price could change so it is always updated monthly

Consumer Advertising

Consumer advertising can be a great job if you know how to do it.

Advertisement designed to follow what the public want or need.


We need to meet deadline or else the hard work will be worthless.

All media have this so that they can be the first to blab about something.


99% of the people in our neighborhood are media addicts.

Publicized everything that it wants to talk about.

Press Packs

I never get bored when I look for press packs that are already 30 years old.

A record of published special interest added by the media in their regular published work.

Trade Press

The boss prefers to read trade press first thing in the morning.

Advertisement about the latest news in business and trade.