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Jargon Buster @404whylo.com reflects the atrocious business jargon that is used nowadays, both within and beyond the corporate world. There are options for using a search engine field, browsing an alphabetized list, or sifting through certain predefined categories containing other gems. If you feel lazy, you simply click on "I'm Feeling Lazy," which unearths a random term from the database of over 1,000 entries. Perhaps the best feature is that once a term is defined, you have the option to email the "urbtard" who used it. You also have the choice of saving the corresponding QR code from the derived term. Instead of sending a direct e-mail, you may post the QR code prominently on the news board, where everyone with a smartphone and a reader can see it for themselves. (Tip: this also works great inside PowerPoints or reports , insert the QR code and then see what happens.) This will be classic for anyone who has ever experienced the corporate world from the inside. Enough talk; here is a sample: As one of the Baby Boomer alpha geeks, I just have been Dilberted by a 404. He is actually a badge violator, but after hosting my blamestorming session, everyone knew it was a CLM. Decoded, this would mean: The most technically proficient person (the alpha geek) is a Baby Boomer and has been bullied (Dilberted) by a clueless person (404) who is still wearing his badge (badge violator) in the pub. After the group meeting to discuss failed projects (blamestorming), everyone knew it was a career limiting move (CLM). As a bonus, the website also features a QR code generator, which allows you to create your very own QR code in a snap. Check it out and enjoy!